Конференция AINL 2013:
Искусственный Интеллект, Естественный Язык
17-18 мая 2013, Санкт-Петербург

Natural Language Processing (автоматическая обработка естественного языка)

Recent progress in Telecommunications and Electronics has dramatically changed Human-Computer Interactions. Such new technologies as Voice Control, Dialog Systems, Automatic Call-centers provoked interest in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

The 2nd AINL conference will bring toghether Russian and foreign practitioners and researches in these fields. Participants will be able to get acquainted with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, share their experience with colleagues and interested people, discuss ideas and technologies. Conference languages are English and Russian.

The first conference took place in St. Petersburg in May 2012.

Conference photoalbum.

Conference goals:

  • to present the latest technologies in the field of applied Artificial Intelligence;

  • to share experience in application of these technologies for the development of intelligent interactive systems and agents;

  • to find cooperation possibilities.

 Main topics:

  1. Speech Recognition and Synthesis;

  2. Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Systems;

  3. Knowledge Engineering, Ontology, Data Mining.

 Conference tracks:

  • technologies and applied researches;

  • high-tech products related to AI and NL;

  • demo section.

 Special event:

The 1st Russian WordNet Workshop.

 Organizers: NLPseminar, i-Free, GameChangers

 Program Committee:

Mikhail Alexandrov, Russian Presidential Academy / Autonomous University of Barcelona

Pavel Braslavski, Kontur labs / Ural Federal University

Natalia Vasilieva, HP Labs

Maria Eskevich, Dublin City University

Eduard Klyshinsky, Higher School of Economics

Tatiana Lando, Yandex -- co-chair

Ilya Markov, University of Lugano

Petr Mitsov, Speech Technology Center

Lidia Pivovarova, St.Petersburg State University / University of Helsinki - co-chair

Konstantin Sokolov, iFree

Alexander Troussov, IBM

Olga Homitsevich, Speech Technology Center

Sergey Chernov, New Economic School

Contacts: ainlevent<at>gmail.com